The results are in:

The winner of the draw for a free copy of Soul of a Nomad is….

Melanie Davy from Manchester England. Congratulations Melanie.

Runners up – door no prizes but honourable mentions:

Karin Holland and Pat Gould of the Comox Valley.

Many of you may be curious about where the pictures were taken –

# 1 was taken in 1962 on my 8th birthday during a canoe trip in Quetico Provincial Park Ontario – Canada. (Everyone got that one right. The iconic Canadian canoe was the give away.)

# 2 was taken this past October in Khiva, Uzbekistan. (Two people got this one right.)

# 3 was taken in 2004 in Tuscany, Italy. (Three people got this one right.)

# 4. was taken in 2014 Patagonia, Chile. Torres del Cuernos in the background. (Only one person said Chile. One other person said Patagonia. Patagonia is a region encompassing the southern reaches of both Chile and Argentina.)

# 5 was taken in 1964 in Lappland, Finland. (One person got this right – the winner. But another person also remarked that this is a Sami tent and noted the reindeer antlers and hides. They guessed Norway which was a really good answer too because the Sami people spread across northern Scandinavia.)

# 6 was taken in 2010 in Thailand. (Three people got this one right.)

# 7 is four photos – Naming all four was required for one point.

A. was taken in 1959 at Stonehenge in England. (Everyone got this one right.)

B. was taken in 2004 of St Basils in Moscow Russia (Only one person didn’t get this one right.)

C. was taken in 2019 of the Celsus Library in Ephesus Turkey. (Two people got this one right.)

D. was taken in 1959 of the World Fair’s Atomium in Brussels Belgium. (Three people got this one right.)

Thank you to all of you who took part in this contest to help raise awareness of and interest in my new book Soul of a Nomad.

Contest Reminder

A reminder that the photo contest closes at noon Pacific time on Tuesday 10 Nov 2020.
The draw will be at 1700 hrs Pacific time on 10 Nov 2020
You only need to identify the country in which the photos were taken – no further detail required.
Four correct responses will enter your name into the draw.
# 7 is different from the rest – for this last challenge, the countries of all four photos – A, B, C and D need to be identified to be considered one correct response.
Send your answers to

Winner receives a free copy of Soul of a Nomad.

Contest Photos # 7

Here’s the grand finale. Your last challenge is to correctly identify all four of these photos. They are labeled photos A,B,C,D.

NOTE: Getting all four of these answers correct adds one correct response to the required four to be entered into the draw.

Thank you for playing. Remember the deadline to enter is 10 November. Cut off – high noon Pacific time.

Draw for a copy of Soul of a Nomad at 1700 hrs Pacific time 10 November.

Winner and correct responses will be announced here.

Photo A
Photo B
Photo C
Photo D

Contest Photo # 6

Exciting news! I picked up the books yesterday! So if you pre-ordered your copy and are getting it before this contest officially ends on 10 Nov – Please send me your answers before you receive your book.

Here’s your second to last photo. You know the drill – no posting responses on the blog – email them to me at

Contest Photo # 4

Here’s your fourth photo. You need to correctly identify the countries in which four photos were taken, but there are more photos coming so stay in the game. A reminder to anyone new to the contest – don’t post your answers on the blog – everyone will see them if you do. When you have four answers, please send them to me at

Contest Photo # 3

Here’s your third photo. Please remember not to post your ideas, because your comments on the blog are public. Replies to the automatic email received by blog followers are also public. Other comments are welcome. Personal emails to are welcome.

Contest photo # 2

Good morning everyone.

Here is your second photo.

Remember not to post your answers here on the blog. If you do, everyone will see. Once you have identified the country in which at least four photos were taken, send your responses to me at

People with at least four correct responses will be eligible for a draw for a free copy of Soul of a Nomad.

Contest ends 10 November 2020. Draw will be made at 1700 hrs that day.

Photo # 2

A Contest

Anyone who correctly identifies the countries in which at least four of the following photos were taken will have their name entered into a draw to win a free copy of Soul of a Nomad.

Sorry – book production team – you are ineligible to enter.

Keep in mind that if you announce your responses on this public forum, everyone will see, so once you have at least four photos identified by country location e-mail your answers to

The pictures will come at random intervals over the next couple of weeks.

Happy arm-chair travels.

This is picture number 1

New Book – Soul of a Nomad – coming soon

Living through COVID isn’t easy for anyone but I’ve filled this down time with writing another book. Soul of a Nomad will be out in November. Just in time to curl up with on a cold nearly winter’s eve and enjoy a good read.

Getting the word out is going to be tricky without a launch so I appreciate you sending this along to anyone you know who likes a rollicking good story.