Book Launch Contest for Soul of a Nomad

What use is a travel blog during a “stay the blazes home” global pandemic? How about another contest to help launch Soul of a Nomad  and to thank independent booksellers for their support.

Contest guidelines:

  • Correctly answer at least ten of the following questions to be eligible for entry into a draw at 1800 hrs (6 PM) Pacific Time on 31 December 2020.
  • Please Do not post responses on this blog. If you do – everyone will see them.
  • Email your final entry prior to noon Pacific Time 31 Dec 2020 to
  • Winner to be announced before midnight Pacific Time 31 Dec 2020.
  • Prize is a Cdn $50.00 gift certificate for use at a Canadian independent bookshop near where the winner lives. 
  • Answers 1 to 10 are in Soul of a Nomad.
  • Answers 11 and 12 are in Pomegranates at 4800 Metres.
  • Please support the author and independent booksellers by purchasing your own copies. 

Where to get the books:

Soul of a Nomad and Pomegranates at 4800 Metres are available at: 

The Laughing Oyster in Courtenay –

Bolen Books in Victoria –

Talisman Books and Gallery on Pender Island –

Red Tuque Books for shipping to your local independent book shop or directly to you if you live in Canada  –

Most independent Canadian bookstore managers will order a copy for you from Red Tuque Books.

Pomegranates at 4800 Metres is also available at: 

Mulberry Bush Books in Qualicum Beach and Parksville –

Hidden Gems in Salmon Arm –

The Book Shop in Penticton –

The Crockett Book Company in Trail –

Otter Books in Nelson –

Huckleberry Books in Cranbrook –

Bacchus Books in Golden –

Grizzly Books in Revelstoke –

The Book Place in Kamloops –

Red Tuque Books –

The Vancouver Island Regional Library.


  1. Name any two of Kim’s imaginary animal friends.
  2. What was the name of the naughty pony Kim rode on adventures with childhood friends?
  3. What mythical Norse creature does Kim use as a segue to her thoughts about COVID?
  4. Under what circumstances did Herr Zunz receive his tattoo? What did the letter signify? 
  5. What did Kim learn to drive in 1981?
  6. What Russian tragedy happened while Kim and her mother were in Moscow?
  7. Name two people Kim’s dad shared his boat-baked birthday cakes with.
  8. Kim did some volunteering in Thailand doing what?
  9. While in Patagonia, Kim explores her surroundings in what three ways? 
  10. Name one city Kim, Pat and Helen visited in each of the four “stans.” 
  11. What is the first and last name of Kim’s Nepali guide?  
  12. In what country does the last chapter of Pomegranates at 4800 Metres take place?

Please help me launch Soul of a Nomad by sharing this blog. Thank you.

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