The results are in:

The winner of the draw for a free copy of Soul of a Nomad is….

Melanie Davy from Manchester England. Congratulations Melanie.

Runners up – door no prizes but honourable mentions:

Karin Holland and Pat Gould of the Comox Valley.

Many of you may be curious about where the pictures were taken –

# 1 was taken in 1962 on my 8th birthday during a canoe trip in Quetico Provincial Park Ontario – Canada. (Everyone got that one right. The iconic Canadian canoe was the give away.)

# 2 was taken this past October in Khiva, Uzbekistan. (Two people got this one right.)

# 3 was taken in 2004 in Tuscany, Italy. (Three people got this one right.)

# 4. was taken in 2014 Patagonia, Chile. Torres del Cuernos in the background. (Only one person said Chile. One other person said Patagonia. Patagonia is a region encompassing the southern reaches of both Chile and Argentina.)

# 5 was taken in 1964 in Lappland, Finland. (One person got this right – the winner. But another person also remarked that this is a Sami tent and noted the reindeer antlers and hides. They guessed Norway which was a really good answer too because the Sami people spread across northern Scandinavia.)

# 6 was taken in 2010 in Thailand. (Three people got this one right.)

# 7 is four photos – Naming all four was required for one point.

A. was taken in 1959 at Stonehenge in England. (Everyone got this one right.)

B. was taken in 2004 of St Basils in Moscow Russia (Only one person didn’t get this one right.)

C. was taken in 2019 of the Celsus Library in Ephesus Turkey. (Two people got this one right.)

D. was taken in 1959 of the World Fair’s Atomium in Brussels Belgium. (Three people got this one right.)

Thank you to all of you who took part in this contest to help raise awareness of and interest in my new book Soul of a Nomad.

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