A Contest

Anyone who correctly identifies the countries in which at least four of the following photos were taken will have their name entered into a draw to win a free copy of Soul of a Nomad.

Sorry – book production team – you are ineligible to enter.

Keep in mind that if you announce your responses on this public forum, everyone will see, so once you have at least four photos identified by country location e-mail your answers to mamabears@shaw.ca.

The pictures will come at random intervals over the next couple of weeks.

Happy arm-chair travels.

This is picture number 1

New Book – Soul of a Nomad – coming soon

Living through COVID isn’t easy for anyone but I’ve filled this down time with writing another book. Soul of a Nomad will be out in November. Just in time to curl up with on a cold nearly winter’s eve and enjoy a good read.

Getting the word out is going to be tricky without a launch so I appreciate you sending this along to anyone you know who likes a rollicking good story.