Goreme Turkey Part I

Tired after our all-nighter on the bus, We grab an hour of shuteye as soon as we gain possession our room. The room carved into the hill side – a luxurious cave. The only disadvantage is that it’s dim lighting, the window is small, and the internet doesn’t work unless the window or door is open. We have a nice porch though – also cut into the rock wall. The interior is warm and dry and there’s a wood floor.

Feeling slightly restored, we set off to explore. This area abounds with canyons with hiking trails wending their way through many of them. We walk through town to the start of an easy strollI guess sort of trail. Soon we are diverging from our gentle path and climbing along a narrower higher route – curious as usual about what lies beyond the near horizon. We are not disappointed. We are now on a ridge between two valleys and the next looks even more enticing than the one we were enjoying. Sense prevails – fatigue being a factor – and we decide to explore the second valley another day. Continuing along our ridge we dead-end – cliffs falling below on all three sides. Reluctantly, we retrace our steps but at one point wonder if a smaller trail will lead us down. It does for a while then it too dead ends with an alarming clamber and narrow crevice. We climb back up and continue on the longer more sensible route. On the way we discover several ancient cave churches with some of their rudimentary frescos still faintly visible. 

Back in town we find a restaurant serving Cappadocian food – as opposed to Chinese, Indian and the like – and beer. We settle in for a good meal and spirit a third beer into my pack to take back to our cave. We have an early night as we are bone weary and because we will have a very early morning – a dark chilly 0650 hrs departure. Could it be that we face another long bus trip so soon?

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