3 thoughts on “Pictures – Baku

  1. Hello Kim and Pat What an amazing trip you have had so far … thank you for keeping us all up to date and the photos are simply grand . I want you to know all is well here at home and at your home.. the leaves decided to fall straight down to the ground as opposed to being blown into the trees … so it took several rounds to clear them all .. lucky that our weather has been sunny and dry .. frosty in the am. You three ,now two ,are world travellers and I am glad that everything has gone well … I mean nothing that couldn’t be dealt with. Look forward to your return till then travel safe. I have vicariously traveled many places because of your very well written and informative blog keep them coming . Love to you both!

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  2. We also enjoyed the carpet museum, but found ‘fire mountain’ underwhelming! I hope you got to the old town of Baku….Julia and I stayed there before meeting with our group and loved wandering in the maze of small streets. Did you get to the Heydar Aliyev Centre….the stunning white building with all the curved lines? It was my favourite stop in Baku.
    Sure glad Turkmenistan wasn’t part of our itinerary!

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