7 thoughts on “Bukhara pictures

  1. I’m glad to know you’re finally seeing some of the exotic architecture I had imagined would have been part of the Silk Road. It looks gorgeous!

  2. Hi again to Helen from Bev. I just got caught up after not seeing the posts for a while. Pretty amazing adventures and spectacular photos. You gotta be tough women. Right on! Best of luck as you continue.

  3. I’ve been enjoying all your posts and hope all the disappointing bits are behind you now. Loved seeing you counting your millions, voting and of course riding!

  4. Your descriptions and pictures are fascinating, Kim. Such varied experiences in a culture that seems so exotic to my western senses. Bridging communication gaps sounds exhausting at times but patience seems to pay off!

  5. Hi ladies – love the stories – can’t wait for the next chapter lol. I don’t know if you are getting my posts but can’t believe how beautiful the art is. Keep happy 😻

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