Voting while away

Having left home in the middle of August and not being due home until the end of November, we are missing all the election excitement. What to do about voting?

Did you know that there are Special Ballot Kits?

Here’s how this works:

After the election was called we applied for our Special Ballot Kits through Elections Canada. We did this while we were in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan. 

Consulates are supposed to receive the kits on behalf of Canadians and we were supposed to be able to go to one and pick up our kits. We checked with the Consulate in Tashkent and they said no they would not accept our kits and suggested we go to Moscow to pick them up instead. Check out a map to see how unhelpful and illogical that suggestion was.

We contacted Elections Canada again and gave them our hostel address here in Samarkand.

They responded that our kits would be sent here.

Sure enough, yesterday DHL arrived at our hostel and Pat and I each signed for a package from Elections Canada. We all hope Helen’s package will arrive soon.

Inside was a ballot and several envelopes. We each completed our ballot, put it in the inner envelope, then the outer envelope which we signed and then the lot went 2671F31B-2F4C-459A-9F0D-90BED5F5A98BE874A771-A55A-4ED9-88B5-8072A1C34157A3FC9A72-FB2E-4EB9-AE3C-D387829F9DE371F6EAF5-8FDB-4E23-9AD0-C275C8C2E297into a mailing envelope.

Today we walked over to the DHL office to mail back our ballots. They wanted 5 million som or US $60.00. In case you are interested, 5 million som is worth about US $500. That was all too weird and expensive for us so we walked to a post office where we each mailed our ballots for the equivalent of 35 cents. Much better.

So at least two votes in Canada’s upcoming federal election have been cast from Samarkand Uzbekistan. How cool is that?

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