14 August – Let the Journey Begin

After an intense few days wondering if our Cathay Pacific flights in and out of Hong Kong will fly or not…. and many hours on the phone discovering absolutely nothing of value …… we are at the bar near our departure gate in YVR. Both flights appear to be on time as the protesters seem to have left the airport.

We will just have to wait and see if our transit through Hong Kong is without drama.

Our upcoming flight is just over 13 hours. We have about six hours in Hong Kong, then a short five hour flight to Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.

I’m traveling with friends Pat and Helen. You will hear from the three of us through this blog.

For now, good night from YVR near gate D64. Unless there is much excitement in Hong Kong, the next missive will come to you from Mongolia!

7 thoughts on “14 August – Let the Journey Begin

  1. Oh no, after all those hours of careful planning! I certainly hope you get safely through Hong Kong and have a good start to your grand adventure!! Hi to Pat and Helen.

  2. Hi Kim,

    Best of luck getting through Hong  Kong. Hoping no glitches will arise. We will stay tuned for further missives from you.

    Brenda and Rick

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