Golden and Revelstoke

Glorious hot weather! The scenery is stunning. We drove to Golden yesterday and after an enthusiastic welcome at Baccus Books enjoyed an afternoon beer in comfy chairs by the river. We stayed at the Dream Catcher hostel with a huge bright kitchen and common area and cozy rooms.

My shoe fell apart so I had to make an emergency stop at the only shoe store in town. Pretty sure I can’t write that off my new shoes as a business expense. Golden is a small town with one Main Street. I guess it is a hive of activity in the winter but at the moment it is a very quiet place. I could have replaced a mountain bike easier than a pair of shoes.

This morning we drove over Rogers Pass. There’s a lot of much needed road widening construction going on. I’m surprised the road is still mostly just two lanes considering how heavily traveled it is. A short delay due to one lane traffic but nothing too frustrating. The mountains are still well snow covered and beautiful. This was the most scenic drive of the trip and we’ve driven through remarkable country every day. We’ve had ample opportunity to marvel at the incredible beauty of this part of the province.

Revelstoke is the prettiest town of our trip. Lots of vibrant shops and restaurants all with a pleasant bustle. No empty windows or sad boarded up places like in some of the towns we’ve been through this past week. The Grizzly Book shop hosted an impromptu reading and took a pile of books.

We had dinner with dear friends from ski patrol days – Alex and Snubby (Michelle). Wonderful to see them again after about eleven years. Rehashed some patrol and kayaking stories and caught up.

Will send some pictures in the next blog. Good night from Revelstoke.

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