The drought ends

Some cloud this morning. Anne and I walked up to the grocery store – club soda and the the next door wine store…. more wine.

We were soon in the car heading east. Some ladies had told us how cool the interpretative centre at the Frank slide was so we decided to drive up and over the final stretch of the Cows Nest Pass to see the slide. Beautiful scenery. The interpretive centre was well done and interesting. We wandered around and watched a movie about the slide. Driving back west we stopped for lunch then got caught in a hail storm. Serves us right for crossing the border into Alberta I guess. (We had BC wine in the car.) the gas prices were nice so we filled up on Alberta gas.

Drove back through Fernie and on to Cranbrook. Cranbrook isn’t as attractive as Trail, Nelson or Fernie but it makes up for that by being the friendliest town of the four. Erin, at Huckleberry Books had been promoting the book and took more than the usual number. Our Lazy Bear Lodge is managed by a delightful couple Chrystal and Jim and they had been advertising as well. I did a reading in their lobby – really enthusiastic audience. The press came by for a photo op and I’m doing an interview for a regional paper tomorrow morning. We had dinner at a local hang out with great food and service and all the small town characters.

Cranbrook rocks. Love this place. It may look like just like a commercial strip along the highway but it has soul.

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