Road Trip trumps Book Tour

Not much action with sales for the past couple of days. I’ve decided I’m not keen on sitting in book stores doing signings. Otter Book shop in Nelson had a cozy corner but very few people came into that area…. and it was a Sunday. I did a short reading at the Dancing Bear, attended by some of our fellow guests. That, and the chatter I enjoyed much more.

After dinner yesterday Anne and I attended a really interesting lecture by a woman who has cycled the Silk Road with a large organized group of fellow cyclists. Her stories and pictures were compelling.

Today our trip to Fernie was through incredible county. Up over a mountain pass and down into a wide fertile valley. Fernie is a charming town with a load of walking trails. We followed one around the whole perimeter of the town. Up into the hills above town then down along the river. We both felt the need to properly stretch our legs after several days of urban walking.

I find I’m tired after the five hour drives – from Penticton to Trail and from Nelson to Fernie so am taking the day off from book peddling. We’ve found a nice place for dinner, which we hope will measure up to where we ate in Nelson.

Last night (Nelson) we went to the Hume. It’s a 1890’s hotel and the interior has been restored. We ate in the Library dining room. Live pianist and singer for background entertainment. Very elegant.

Tomorrow is Cranbrook. We stopped there for coffee on our way here and we underwhelmed. We’re hoping the town surprises us with rampant book sales.

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