Feast and Famine

Day 3 and 4 – Penticton and Trail

Yesterday was a fabulous day. It started with Kyle texting to say he’d sold nine more books. Stopped by his place to deliver and sign. What a wonderful son. Thank you Maggot.

Stopped in Summerland for a walk along the lake and picnic lunch before heading into Penticton. We stayed at Robyn Lake’s beautiful home. Walked down to meet the manager of the Lloyd Art Gallery where Robyn and I were doing our Brush and Pen event. Had an early dinner and were set up to receive guests at the Gallery by shortly before 6. A wonderful evening. The gallery laid on wine and appies. Robyn and I shared stories of painting and writing. The audience seemed to enjoy. I sold a few more books.

Afterwards we drank a bit more wine and ate snacks at Robyn’s to debrief.

This morning Anne and I headed off early to get some miles behind us. Had breakfast in Osoyoos. The drive onward to Trail was glorious. Hardly any traffic, a windy up and down road, fabulous vistas. Arrived in Trail by lunch time. Discovered the book shop to be in a small mall quite far out of town. No drop by traffic way out there. Very pleasant reception and The Crockett book shop is now carrying Pomegranates at 4800 Metres. Unfortunately no sales today.

Our hotel is very pleasant but in a hinterland just outside Trail. Anne and I spent a couple of hours sitting in the sun enjoying a glass or two of wine. We are about to have take-out Chinese food for dinner.

The day has been fun despite not selling any books. Keeping in mind our road trip is about more than just selling books. This is a beautiful part of BC that neither of us have explored before. That said…. I’m hoping for sales in Nelson tomorrow.

Good night from the charming Glenwood Inn and Suites just outside Trail BC.

3 thoughts on “Feast and Famine

  1. Nice little trip seriously enhanced by those glasses of wine. An now Nelso, the jewel of the Kootenays. Wishing you lots of book sales.

  2. Hi Kathy, loving it all so far. Have heard much about Nelson but never visited. Friends passing on the news of the book tour is helping, so if you know anyone in Nelson, I’m at Otter Book from 2 to 3 and at the Dancing Bear from 5 to 6. Both locations on Baker St.

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