Fun times in Kelowna

Day 2

Our GPS – Beeotch – got lost in Hope so we dove in circles until we shut her down and used Pocket Earth to sort ourselves out. Thankfully Beotch didn’t hold a grudge and got back on track. The drive over the Coquihalla was accompanied by a snow squall and 1 degree temperature. Gee. What is it with me driving that road – I always experience unpleasant weather. On the Connecter to Kelowna the sun came out and it became much warmer.

Our first stop in Kelowna was at Mosaic Books. They are now carrying Pomegranates at 4800 Metres.

We then went over to Kyle’s place and checked out his new digs. Impressive. We enjoyed a pretty walk along the lake front with Kyle then headed to our hotel. The traffic was horrendous. Staying at a Days Inn – nice room, nothing special.

Kyle showed up to drive Anne and me to Passionate Blooms where I did a reading. Turn out less than he’d expected but it was really nice and a beautiful venue. We enjoyed wine with the reading. The flower fridge seemed like a great place to keep the wine chilled. Thank you Shauna for hosting.

Dinner at the Train Station pub then back to the hotel for a night cap where Kyle had us in stitches over his recycling program. One of the more interesting and efficient methods I’ve heard about.

All in all a pleasant start to the tour and really fun visiting with Kyle. Thanks to his efforts several books sold.

2 thoughts on “Fun times in Kelowna

  1. We drove the other way down the Coquihalla yesterday. 17 degrees at the start and 3 degrees at the other end.

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