Book Tour Road Trip

Day 1 – Courtenay to Hope

Picked up our little rental car this morning and had a fine time getting all the boxes of books, wine, cooler, wine, suitcases, wine, book event advertising poster and wine into the limited space. OK seriously, we only have three bottles of wine. Anne says that for an eleven day trip we are eight bottles short. After driving through Vancouver to Chilliwack – nearly three hours – I agree.

So here we are at the lovely Park Motel in downtown Hope, sipping some fine Vancouver Island wine. Car is gassed up and ready for tomorrow. We’re off to dinner – walking – in a few minutes. An Indian place is recommended for us to refuel our hungry stomachs. Our picnic supplies are in the room’s fridge. We have all the makings for breakfast in the morning. Now I’m out of that god damned traffic life is very good.

PS I highly recommend this little motel as a cozy well appointed stop spot.

3 thoughts on “Book Tour Road Trip

  1. It’s a good thing you’re driving through wine country, great place to stock up on more wine! Have fun ladies!

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