14 April – Kathmandu, probably the last post

Yesterday I was so excited about wishing you all Happy Nepali New Year, I forgot to tell you about our trip from Chitwan to Kathmandu. It took six and a half hours. Distance travelled 106 kms. No we didn’t ride mules. We travelled in a comfortable van driven by a supremely competent driver. That’s just how long it takes due to the narrow poorly constructed and maintained roads and the enormous amount of over-loaded poorly maintained poorly driven vehicles (mostly from India). We passed two serious accidents, both involving Indian trucks.

Today we’ve spent a quiet morning wandering Thamel and visiting the Garden of Dreams. We ate lunch in the European Kaiser’s Cafe there and people watched.

People watching can be entertaining. The narcism displayed by women and men alike is a phenomenon that intrigues me. The women are more flamboyant in their posing but the men are hilarious with the stances they strike. Hands stoking their own thighs, caressing their hair-do’s, adjusting collars and scarves. The women tie themselves in knots twisting their necks, flipping their hair and leaning against shrubs, statues and trees. The “smelling of flowers” posses are some of the funniest. Michel and I wondered if any of them noticed the pretty gardens.

We’re now relaxing for a couple of hours before heading to the airport and dealing with that madness. Those of you who have been to Kathmandu know of what I speak. If you haven’t had the experience – let me assure you – it is tumultuous and like no other airport. Once you manage to enter – and that is an exhausting ordeal, the check-in counters are lacking in modern amenities. The baggage is flung in heaps. The gate waiting areas are completely dysfunctional and the planes are loaded randomly from unannounced gates. Chaos. (That’s why we’re resting now.)

If all goes well we’ll be in Hong Kong in the morning and in Vancouver in the afternoon. The date line allows us to arrive in YVR before leaving HKG.

Thank you for reading along.

Kim and Michel, signing off from Kathmandu.

3 thoughts on “14 April – Kathmandu, probably the last post

  1. Hi Kim and Michel. You’re probably in mid air somewhere….I wish you comfortable and safe flights. Looking forward to lots of details over a glass of wine!

  2. Welcome back to clean, quiet, easy and orderly. To say nothing of hot water.Blossoms, leaves, birds and the sounds of spring – mowers, saws, blowers, weeders. I loved your description of the selfie-takers. Definitely a generational thing and very entertaining (albeit embarrassing) to watch.

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