10, 11, 12 April – Hanging out in Chitwan

Decadent living at an all inclusive after the rigours of trekking is bliss. We’re soaking up the heat. There’s actually a bit too much heat mid and late day. We’ve been sleeping under just a sheet with a fan whirling in a lob-sided, wheezy spin a over our beds.

I’m writing – working on Soul of a Nomad. This is a perfect place to put pen to paper and that is exactly what I’m doing. My note book is filling with crossed out sentences and rearrangements of paragraphs. I usually write directly on my computer keyboard so this more traditional manner of writing is proving to be a messy but enjoyable business. Drafts I of a couple more chapters are complete.

We’ve also visited with Sapana’s elephants, going for a ride one day and walking with them while they wandered in the large meadow foraging for their breakfast the next. The goal here at Sapana is to create a sanctuary for elephants. There is already a lovely old dear, she’s 65, and enjoying a pleasant retirement. The space is available and the shift from riding to walking with and learning about Nepal’s elephants is under way. Michel and I have both been interviewed for Sapana’s Facebook page advertising their new focus.

While I’ve been writing, Michel has been exploring. Yesterday he discovered a crocodile snoozing on his path. There was a pair of pants on the ground beside the croc so Michel detoured around.

We’ve met a vibrant German judge who is passionate about restorative justice. She’s been traveling for six months attending seminars and giving workshops on the subject. She’ll be coming back to Kathmandu in the van with us tomorrow as her bus trip down here was challenging.

I’ll try sending some pictures in a while as the internet here is sometimes fairly good.

First though I’ll finish a second cappuccino. Good morning from Sapana Village Lodge, Chitwan.

3 thoughts on “10, 11, 12 April – Hanging out in Chitwan

  1. Hmm…..I wonder who the pants belonged to? Did the Croc look satiated? Smart move on your part Michel! love your photos Kim.enjoy your well deserved R&R.

  2. Sounds like you are enjoying a well deserved rest and some pampering ! Have fun with your elephants. Nice pictures 🍷

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