8 and 9 April – Kathmandu and Journey to Chitwan

After hot showers at the Hotel Florid, to wash away the remaining trek mire, Michel and I embarked on a busy day. After a lazy breakfast in the hotel’s sunlit garden we went over to Arun’s money exchange for masala tea. He’d come over the evening before to invite us. We sat on stools in the sun, on the street, sipped tea, caught up on Kathmandu news and watched the street open for business. Shutters rolled up with rattles and crashes, items brought out for display, sections of the muddy street swept clean of garbage and the noise level escalating to its normal daytime din.

Tea done we did our gift shopping for friends at home. One of my favourite activities in Kathmandu. This took the better part of the day as we kept going back to the hotel to dump off purchases. Michel ended up buying three North Face duffel bags in order to find the right size in which to pack all his treasures.

We visited a sunny rooftop restaurant three times, the first for coffee, the second for lunch, the third for a before-dinner beer. I’ve bought a school exercise book in with to do some writing while in Chitwan as I find this mini IPad less than ideal for writing.

After dinner I kibitzed with Michel while he packed 50 litres of stuff into 25 litres of bag.

The next day we were downstairs and ready to go ten minutes early and Binod showed up ten minutes early. Binod is taking his family on a school vacation in Chitwan so we’re travelling together. This was a fabulous arrangement. We had a spacious van with seatbelts and excellent driver. We stopped at a pleasant place for early lunch and were in Chitwan before 1:30. Binod and family are staying in the village down the road. We have the bird and flower filled gardens of Sapana Village Lodge surrounding us. Elephants are grazing in the meadow. The steam is in full spate due to heavy rain. The sun is shining. It’s a pleasant 25 or so degrees.

I’m in full relax mode. Michel is off on an exploratory walk.

4 thoughts on “8 and 9 April – Kathmandu and Journey to Chitwan

  1. Wonderful to read about your latest trip. Grueling! And such an appreciation for all that you see and experience. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing in this way.

  2. Phew! I can relax now, knowing you’re safely off some of those very dangerous trails. It’s amazing how conditions can be so different from year to year. Michel certainly got an initiation into trekking in Nepal!
    Enjoy the luxury and ambiance of Chitwan…you’ve earned it!

  3. Kim, what a perfect way to end your trekking adventures! and well deserved! I was shivering just reading about your more than chilly weather and lodging conditions. Enjoy the heat and lush surroundings.

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