7 April – That’s a wrap

Last night, the storm raged with such vigour, neither Michel or I slept much. I kept wondering if the road would wash out, and if it did, how gross it would be to pull on soaking trekking clothes in which to walk to Kathmandu. Michel tossed and turned on a damp hard mattress. We were both relieved when the sodden dawn light ended the night.

Thankfully our wet clothes stayed packed as our Jeep was able to make it up the muddy hair-pinned road to retrieve us. The two hour drive to Kathmandu took four hours due to the heavy grid-locked traffic in the city’s muddled outskirts.

Rain has turned the streets into hideous quagmires. We’ve not left the hotel since arriving, having spent some time washing filthy clothes under the shower in a plastic tub and hanging them on our balcony. We’ve managed to dry out packs and coats and hats and pretty much everything that got damp over the past couple of days. Even the money in my wallet is damp. It’s still in the process of drying and I feel a bit like a money launderer.

Thank goodness for pack-liners. They kept the rain out of our gear, but nothing could keep the general dampness at bay.

We debriefed with Binod (HikeNepal.com) I ranted about no one providing trail conditions reports. He agreed, but of course nothing will be done. Safety in this country is simply not a priority. I’m not sure what it will take for Nepal’s tourism industry to take guide, porter and trekker welfare seriously. We endured five hard days of partially snow covered trails, some of which were extremely dangerous. Luckily we were confident in our own abilities and Tendi’s expertise.

We are now enjoying a pre-dinner beer – premium Nepal Gurkha. Tendi and children Phulu and Nima will be here shortly for diner. Tendi leaves at 2am on his next trek. He’ll have had a 13 hour turn around.

Good night from the Florid Hotel in rainy Kathmandu.

3 thoughts on “7 April – That’s a wrap

  1. Glad to know you have returned to Katmandu safe and sound Kim. How intrepid you all are. Another amazing adventure. Was the amount of snow you encountered on the trails more than usual? Looked like tough going!

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