27 March – elevation gain, now above the tree line

Yesterday’s rain had the desired effect. We woke to a cold clear morning. Away from our guest house by 7:30 as planned. Gained 950 metres today. Now at 3430 metres and above the tree line. We’re in Langtang village – the new one. The previous village was completely destroyed by a massive landslide triggered by the 2015 earthquakes. Where the village was, is now a rubble field, the grey scar on the mountain above is about half a kilometre wide and runs to the top of the high ridge. Of the village there is no sign. The trail snakes across the desolation while the odd falling rock echoes across the valley. The new village is springing up further along the valley, the steep slope raising at its perifery, seems solid and is scrub covered.

Today’s trek started in deep shade, it remained chilly until the sun finally climbed above the high ridge towering over us. A river, milky green with glacial silt, tumbled over boulders the size of buses. The water’s roar, bird song and the ring of mule bells provided lovely music, except when the odd trekker coming the other way had their tunes blaring. Weird.

The trail either climbed in breath taking series of steep steps, or across alarming scree fields, or wandered through forest, then open scrub land. We saw several yaks and naks (female yaks) and babies…. oh so cute! We also saw two enormous wild boar. Thankfully at a distance.

Michel dug deep to deal with the altitude but is enjoying the experience. Our wash basins have come in handy. An inch of hot water goes a long way to refresh weary bodies. We have laundry drying in the wind and sun on the guest house washing line. We’re sitting in a sunny warm window enjoying tea.

Life is good. I’m where I love to be – high and surrounded by white snowy peaks. There’s actually a bit of snow right outside the door.

Good night from new Lang Tang village.

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