26 March – a good hard start to our trek

Trekked from Syaphrubesi to Lama Hotel – an over all elevation gain of 977 metres. Seven and a half hot sweaty hours. We are now at 2480 metres.

Last night we heard thunder and pounding rain and the sky lit up with lightning but our walk was under dry skies. We were in our room less than five minutes before the heavens opened and another deluge began. Lucky us.

Our trek today took us over a few suspension bridges. One of them was quite badly damaged by a recent land slide. It was a sketchy crossing. Much of the trail was steep, many steps to climb. We crossed several scree slopes. There were a few stretches along the tops of steep cliffs with the river raging below.

We passed a small memorial in honour of seven Israeli trekkers who died during the 2015 earth quake. Also by the sad broken remains of a couple of homes destroyed by the earth quake.

Michel and I took several pictures of marijuana growing in wild profusion along the path. It had self seeded everywhere.

It was a good hard walk to start our trek. Michel found the elevation gain hard on his body as he’s not been higher than 400 metres for several years. Good thing he’s fit – that compensates.

We are gaining elevation pretty fast on this trek. I’m tired. We’re looking forward to dinner then an early night.

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