Midnight at YVR

Greetings dear blog followers.

Another journey begins. Today I drove my car down to Sidney, took the ferry, a bus and the sky train – and here we sit at gate D65. Boarding will commence in a little less than two hours. This part of traveling is the hardest.

For those of you who don’t know – I’m off to Nepal. No surprise really. This trip will be mostly spent trekking in the Langtang region. The area was very badly damaged during the earthquakes. I was last there in 2013 so am expecting to see significant changes.

Stay tuned.

Good night from YVR.

10 thoughts on “Midnight at YVR

  1. I wanted to see you before you left for Nepal but unfortunely I have been sick so missed the opportunity to wish you well on your adventure. Travel safely.

  2. How fun!
    I’m contemplating a writers’ workshop in Kathmandu in November, but concerned about all the flying from YVR. Where do you stop over, and do you recommend resting a day or more on the stopovers? I’m in my 60s, so my raring-to-go takes a bit longer now 😊

    • Hi Nancy. A writer’s workshop in Kathmandu sounds fabulous. A few pointers. Air quality in Kathmandu is often very poor. If you have respiratory issues, be ware. I too am in my 60s. The flight I take from YVR to Hong Kong is about 13 hrs. Brutal. When arriving in Hong Kong, either take a day or two, or book a day room or bed. Either option is expensive but to my mind worth while. The connection to Kathmandu by Dragon Air is about 5 hrs and arrives just after KTM 10pm. Hope that helps. Happy to provide more details if you wish.

      • The air quality info is important to me. I am very sensitive to smoke and pollution, so perhaps it’s not a fit. Thank you for letting me know. I will seriously consider the implications.

        Have a wonderful time 🤗. I enjoy your blog very much. Safe journeys.

  3. Oh Kim!!! It’s 4:48 am as I read your blog and I’m so excited for you. In spirit, I travel with you & am grateful for the blogs. Have a wonderful adventure.

  4. Safe travels & wishes for a wonderful trek, Kim. With you in spirit & grateful for your blog to keep track of you & your adventures. Lucy

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