11 November – Remembrance Day

We wake to the warmth of a jungle morning and spend it relaxing. Brenda and I while away a couple of hours by the river watching a couple of birds. Then an elephant is brought down to bathe. A couple of young tourists help splash water on him. This elephant is five and he was born just after my dad and I were here five years ago. He’s a handsome youngster with newly sprouting sharp white tusks. He puts up with the tourists with the typical grace of a toddler who would rather be playing somewhere else. While we watch the women in the river with the elephant, we watch a bundle of intestines float past. Whether from a human or crocodile slaughtered animal we know not.

In the afternoon we go for an elephant safari. We have the three Sapana elephants and are two per elephant. Most of the other elephants are loaded down with four tourists per basket. We travel in greater comfort for several reasons. We see a couple of types of dear, peacocks, two rhinos and a croc. Our elephants rumble and tremble over the croc sighting. They are clearly concerned. They also have a rumble fest over something else in the jungle that we don’t see. Brenda and I imagine a tiger sitting on a tree branch above us but of course see no such thing.

We feed our elephants bananas upon our return and thank them for the great ride.

Upon return to our lodge we lay about sipping gin and tonics until dinner.

After dinner we honour Remembrance Day. We recite in Flanders Fields. Sing God Save the Queen and Oh Canada. Have a minute of silence and hum taps. A small tribute in a far away foreign land for brave souls who served and died in foreign lands. We remember them. We honour them. We do not forget their sacrifice.

Good night from Chitwan, Nepal.

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