Day 10 of our Trek

We walk to Dhampus (1650 m) today and it takes a little less than two hours.

An easy walk once again, mostly downhill on laid stone trail, a short bit on the dusty road.

A highlight of our walk is arriving at the top of a long sloping meadow. The grass is cropped low and tidy by animals no longer in evidence except for some dried poo here and there. The meadow is long and tree lined. It looks like a golf course fairway.

Jim, who is always up to something, drops one trekking pole and begins taking golf swings with the other. This is too good an opportunity to miss. I try shoving a small stick into the ground to make a Tee, Nima has no idea what we are doing but obligingly hammers it in with a stone. Golf balls? The dried poo is a perfect substitute. Jim and I place poo balls on our sticks and begin sending them sailing. The porters, not understanding golf etiquette, dash around trying to catch the flying poo. Nepali Poo Golf is born! A few serious trekkers come striding by, intent on some distant destination. They give us the stink eye as they go by. We continue to cavort and wack poo down the fairway with our trekking poles.

Claire took some pictures so eventually I hope to send a couple.

We’re at our guesthouse before noon. I’ve stayed here twice before but don’t let on to the others that we have the possibility of en-suite bathrooms. After the disappointment of Forest Camp I no longer want to generate false expectations. We are not disappointed. Our rooms have en-suite bathrooms and hot water comes out of the showers! Hair is washed! Clothes are washed and hung in the sun along our balcony. We spend a sunny hot afternoon in our usual pursuits which include a few cold beers.

One thought on “Day 10 of our Trek

  1. Hi Kim and Company,
    After some difficult times, glad to read that you are all having a very good time. Brenda, I can relate to you carrying the wine. On my first trip to Nepal in 1999, I had purchased three horse bells before we went over the Thurong La and I carried them not wanting the porters to be overloaded even more. But I was glad I did because I could ring them as we crossed through the pass!
    Happy trekking to all,

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