Day 9 of our Trek

We walk from Deurali at 2142 metres to Pothana at 1890 metres and it takes about 45 minutes, maybe less.

Seriously that is our entire day’s trek! Reason is our change of plan and not going up to High Camp due to fatigue of some of our “team” and overcrowding of the tea houses on the Mardi Himal route. We are all having a great time and don’t want to cut the trek too short so are dawdling along!

We spend the day washing laundry in a bucket under a cold water tap, reading, admiring a spectacular mountain view and – dare I say – drinking a few beers while sitting in the warm sun. It’s pretty darn pleasant!

In the dining room at dinner the host has a very urbane music selection. Close our eyes and we could have been in an expensive restaurant in New York. The music sets Jim and Claire to dancing. Somehow that morphs into us all dancing. Then the Nepali music starts up and our porters and guides dance. Then we dance with them. In Nepal it is common for men to dance with men and women with women. We really upset the apple cart by choosing mixed gender dance partners. Then Jim and Lakpa put on a fabulous show of imitating each other’s dance moves. Jim’s a big guy and Lakpa tiny. Their cavorting has us in stitches. There are a couple of sour faced German men in the dining room as well. They are not amused. Too bad for them. The owner of the guesthouse is enjoying the impromptu entertainment as much as we are. Finally Lakpa sends us to bed so the porters, he and Tendi can have their dinner.

My shortest trekking day ever and one of the most fun.

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