Day Two of the Trek

Banthanti (2210 metres) to Ghorepani (2870 metres)

A crisp cool night last night. Most of us slept well. I did anyway. Sunny again today. Slightly cooler which is nice for walking. Low to mid 20s. Short sleeve weather. A bit of a slow start to our walk today, but after a bit of sorting out we set off. Brenda, Claire, Jim and I walk together with our porters and the assistant guide Lakpah. Doug, Joanne and Mary Jean walk with their porters and Tendi. Tendi catches us up about three or four times a day. As our walking speeds separate us by about an hour after two hours on the trail, he’s a tad busy.

Today’s trek saw us gain another 660 metres in elevation. It was easier than yesterday as some of the trail just sloped up instead of having to constantly climb the stairs. Even so, today so quite a few stairs as well. We also had a few short downs into small creek beds and then up the other sides. We walked through numerous pretty villages and through quite dense rhododendron tree forests.

We met a couple of mule trains today. One stopped outside a guesthouse where we were having a mid morning bowl of soup. The driver sold the guest hous owner some loves of bread from one mules basket. Then he removed his coat from another basket and began hauling out dead chickens. These were put in a plastic bag, weighed and purchased. The coat was draped over the basket again. Presumably this has some sort of insulating value as the sun is quite hot.

We stopped to give out a few more tooth brushes and paste. These little gifts are so well received I think I’ll do it every trek from now on!

We arrived in Ghorepani in time for lunch which we ate while sitting on a sunny terrace in front of the guesthouse.

I’ve organized with Tendi that instead of a three hour hike up and down Poon Hill to see the sunrise, he will have chairs set up in a roof top terrace here and we will enjoy coffees with the sunrise. We can stay in our night attire if we so desire. This seems far more attractive than a three hour trek up and down before breakfast. Who knows, the idea might catch on.

So now the sun is lowering and the temperature is dropping. Soon it will be time for warm Sox and fleece, a down vest and wool hat.

Good evening from busy vibrant Ghorepani.

4 thoughts on “Day Two of the Trek

  1. Getting to see sunrises and sunsets is very special. It kind of puts things in perspective. It’s nice to be internationally connected over something so fleeting.

  2. My vote is definitely for the rooftop view with coffee! I wonder if there are going to be any keeners to do the three hour trek……

  3. So hard to believe little Nima is your porter. He must be so proud.
    As for the sunrise – a three hour trek or a rooftop view with a coffee in my pj’s – not hard to decide where I’d cast my vote lol

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