Temples and a bus trip

Yesterday we spent the morning on a quick tour around Pashupati Hindu temple. There weren’t too many bodies being cremated, not too many beggars and hardly sadas. Thus a pleasant and uneventful visit. Sadas are those fellows who wear dirty orange clothes, paint their faces white, grow their hair long, do not appear to wash much and who, at this temple, pose for pictures and charge for their efforts.

We then carried on Boudanath Stupa. My favourite place in Kathmandu. Shiva started on one of his long winded explanations and we rebelled. Lunch called and we climbed to a roof top restaurant and were soon indulging in various Nepali dishes. We spent the pm roaming around the stupa. Jim and Claire bought singing bowls. We all got ourselves blessed at the temple. I went and had Lassis with Tendi, Lakpa our assistant guide and three of our porters. Tendi’s son Nima is going to carry my pack! This is his first trek.

Today we spent the better part of eight hours on the bus driving 205 kms to Pokhara. We’re about to go down for dinner. Painful. Had a great driver – the traffic and road is really dreadful.

It’s Doug’s birthday and Tendi is off on a mission to find a birthday cake. Meanwhile Brenda and Jim are into the scotch.

Tomorrow we begin the trek. Everyone is stoked for it, but some are still struggling with the packing. I’ve faith that all will be sorted by morning!

These blogs have been pretty basic I know. Lots going on and lots to deal with. A few surprises and challenges which are taking a priority at the moment. Can’t wait to be in the mountains!

Good night from Pokhara

2 thoughts on “Temples and a bus trip

  1. How wonderful to read you are in Kathmandu. I was supposed to fly there on Nov 9th to join a writers group but am having a medical issue so must stay home until it’s dealt with. Nice to hear of others out there enjoying themselves :-). I’ll hope to go next November. Have a safe and happy trek!

  2. I’ve been slow reading my emails. Glad to hear you arrived safely and have had a good start. I suspect you might be on your trek by now and out of reach of the Internet. If you’re able to see this message, I wish all of you a great trekking experience. What fun to have Nima as your porter! Please say hi to him and Tendi for me and also to Brenda. Namaste, Karin.

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