23 October – Arrival in Kathmandu

Good morning from Kathmandu!

Doves are cooing outside our window. Shop front shutters are being rolled up. Motorcycle’s are beginning their infernal racket. The dogs are settling down. Dawn is arriving over Kathmandu. It was a short night.

We cleared immigration quickly, then waited in a mob for our luggage. There was much less mob by the time our bags finally began rolling out. About an hours anxious wait! Always a big relief. We all got everything!

We, with all our luggage, were met by Tendi and Binod. Wonderful to see my friends. Marigold garlands draped around our shoulders, gear loaded into a small bus and we headed through quiet dark streets to our hotel.

Rooms assigned, beers consumed bed called in the wee hours of the morning.

Slept well until 5 a.m.. not nearly long enough. It’s been a tiring beginning but always exciting.

9 thoughts on “23 October – Arrival in Kathmandu

  1. Great to receive your email! Do you return for publication of your book? Sorry I did not reply re assisting with book launch. I certainly could assist but am overwhelmed with daily life to “plan”. Sorry..
    Enjoy your trip! How wonderful being able to return on a regular basis and maintain friendships.
    Safe journeying,
    Love, joyce

      • so great. wish I were with you even though I’m having a great time here this autumn. I’m confident that I could do the walking – the road travel, not so much. Happy to help with your book launch when you return. I will actually be home in November and December and I don’t think that has happened for at least 5 years.

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