Pomegranates at 4800 Metres

Five years after its conception, I’m about to bring a book into the world.

I finished the first draft in the company of friends at the end of July, but have been woking with my patient editor Trever McMonagle since February.

We are aiming for a Christmas 2018 birth. Warning: I’ll be canvassing enthusiastic friends who might like to host a few book launches. Meantime I’d be delighted if you spread this blog around. Thank you.

Recently I’ve been seeking Canadian authors to read the manuscript and write blurbs for the back cover. One of the people I asked is Sally Armstrong. Sally is an Order of Canada journalist and author of several books. She has a passion for global justice, particularly as it affects women. She is one of my heroes.

I sent her the first chapter and while she doesn’t have time to read the manuscript at the moment due to a major writing assignment of her own,  she wrote this to me,

“Dear Kim,

What a chapter. Your book will be amazing. …”

High praise from an extraordinary woman. While I ride the wave of Sally’s complement; please meet, Pomegranates at 4800 Metres:

Book Post Card020 2

Stay tuned for updates and perhaps a few teasers.

Now back to editing chapter four “Are We Homeless?”


4 thoughts on “Pomegranates at 4800 Metres

  1. Well done Kim! I look forward to reading Pomegranates at 4800 Meters. Love the cover of the book. I will be passing this on to others.

  2. Congrats! I love the title of your book! Thinking of Canadian authors that might take time to read your book, one of my favourites, Alison Wearing. She has published two successful books, “Confessions of a Fairy’s daughter”, and a travel memoir, “ Honeymoon in Purdah: an Iranian Journey “ Alison also gives workshops on writing your autobiography and this fall is writer in residence at UBC so might find time. Good luck…I certainly will buy a copy and might be able to assist with book launch. Best wishes, Love, Joyce

    Joyce Relyea Phone: 250-339-4083


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