3 thoughts on “Pictures from 26 May

  1. Your pic # 2 is the Wayland’s Smithy on the Ridgeway just above RMCS – you used to play in it when we we doing car rallies in the area. It’s up near the White Horse.

  2. Hi Karin, Pat went to a city so she’d have something to see and do during long days. Busses don’t run to all the places we stayed. She’d have been endlessly waiting for transport and exchanges. She’d have had to take several taxis. Can’t get into hostels or B&Bs until certain – usually later afternoon – times, so she’d have been sitting around in one pub after another……it would have been a needlessly unpleasant boring experience. Marianne’s pack is being transported by a transport service in the back of a van, so they probably don’t even take passengers.

  3. Well, I’m glad you’re a middle class Canadian…I’d hate to have you stay in Britain indefinitely!
    Something puzzles me….why didn’t Pat take a bus or cab along with Marianne’s pack and meet you at the end of your walk each day? Is she too uncomfortable to keep moving? How sad!
    Not far to go now….enjoy!

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