23 May – In quest of an ancient stone circle

Today saw us on a bus. Another bus. A train. Another train. Another train. And a bus.

Our journey began at 08:04 in Portleven Cornwall and ended at 16:30 here in Avebury Wiltshire.

Why are we just as tired today, having sat around on various conveyances for hours, as we usually are after trudging up and down cliffs all day?

Hmm. No answer to that. But I still feel like I’m on a train… clickety-clack, rock and sway.

We are staying at the Avebury Lodge which has a posh view of itself. We’re paying a bundle to stay here, but there’s a rub. Marianne let the hosts know that an English king size bed is not acceptable, (being several centimetres narrower than a North American king size). The hosts gave Marianne assurance that their king size beds were of an internationally acceptable standard. But we have arrived to discover an ancient queen bed in a small room. Nowhere near king in size. Nowhere near worth the price.

We’ve had firm words with the unrepentant hostess and instead of one mat on the floor this evening (for me) there will be two (the second for Pat). The price is exorbitant here because the place is within the circle of stones.

More on the stones tomorrow. We are now at the Red Lion Pub next door. It is thatched roofed, has been a pub since the 1600s and due to numerous years of practice, has great beer and good pub grub. There is a fellow holding up the bar who is a bit of a character. The sun is still shining outside. There are sheep and tourists amongst the stones. Marianne has gone out to experience the stones with the last of the tourists and the chill evening air. Pat and I are indulging in a second glass of wine in preparation for our night on the floor.

Good night from Avebury. No pictures to follow this evening as I took very few from bus or train windows.

3 thoughts on “23 May – In quest of an ancient stone circle

  1. The adventure continues…at least you’re sleeping on a mat on the floor and not on the stones in the circle!!! 🙂

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