22 May – And that’s a wrap

Marianne and I walked out of Marazion under a cloudy sky into a cold wind. Pat meanwhile was catching the bus back to Penzance for her appointment with the Chinese medicine woman for some more acupuncture and assorted treatments.

We hadn’t walked far when the sun came out, the wind died down and the day became quite warm. Off came a layer of clothes. Today’s walk was a lovely culmination of our coastal walking. There were ups and downs but none too strenuous. There were cliffs but none too scary. There were no boggy bits and no crazy boulder fields. It was a gentile walk around coves, past wild flowers, over headlands.

We watched a family embarking on a coasteering expedition. Do you know what that is? We didn’t until a couple of days ago. It is a combination of climbing, scrambling, swimming, caving along a coast. The participants had donned wetsuits, life jackets, helmets, booties and gloves and were clambering and swimming around a cliff. This was a gentle day with no smashing waves, but we’ve seen some video of a more wild version of the sport.

Later we saw some climbers. The rock in this area seems to lend itself to some good climbing on the vertical cliffs rising above the waves.

Marianne and and I arrived in our room at the Harbour Inn, in Portleven to a bottle of celebratory wine. Thank you Pat. We’ve checked bus and train schedules for our onward journey tomorrow and enjoyed our last Coastal dinner.

I’m not unhappy the Coastal Path portion of this trip is now over. It was different from what I’d imagined. Harder. I don’t mind hard. But I wasn’t psyched up for what the trail presented us with. Pat and Marianne agree with this sentiment. They both have friends who told them this was a challenging trail, but those friends and our guide books didn’t really get the real message through to us. Were we listening? Maybe not as well as we might have.

Anyway this was not a walk. It was a good tough hike. It was beautiful. This is a lovely place to visit. There is an almost magical synergy between the wild of the coast and the domestic farm fields that reach down to its edge. I hope the people who resist the trail realize that this is a countryside that should be shared. I thank those who cooperated with the creation of a fabulous and unique walking route.

Good night from Portleven. Next stop Avebury.

3 thoughts on “22 May – And that’s a wrap

  1. Haven’t you three done well on what turned out to be a tough hike when you were expecting a walk!!! I’m glad you’re taking a bit of a respite and hope that Pat’s Achilles will heal well enough for her to walk the last leg of your journey. I was struck by the similarity of St. Michael’s mount and Mont St. Michel I’d seen in France. When I looked up the history, I knew why. I sent a picture in an email to Marianne. It doesn’t seem to want to copy into this space.
    Enjoy your rest and i wish you more sunny skies for the rest of your trip!

  2. What a marvellous collection of geography, history and musings! Well done ladies and I hope Pats knee improves. From the sounds of it all of you are entitled to dodgy knees ! Have fun on the next leg !!

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