19 May – A chance meeting and the royal wedding

Today was perfect. The weather, the scenery, the lovely young woman we met, the length of the walk, the pub at its end….. divine.

As you will all know, Harry and Megan tied the knot today. That seems to be the only news item being aired on the English telly. Wars? Famines? Diseases? Refugees? Today these things are of no consequence. So nice a rich handsome privileged young couple got married. Pat has suggested – and I wish I’d had the idea myself – that had they taken the amount of money spent on their knot tying ceremony and contributed it towards stamping out a disease like malaria, there would likely soon be no more malaria. Not wanting to rain on anyone’s happy nuptials, but the continued media babbling and analysis is worse than the worst reality TV. Ah right – this is reality TV.

As for our day of coastal walking. After leaving the arcade of Lands End, the scenery was simply amazing. Prettiest day yet. Green pastures, Round rocky outcrops and cliffs. Aquamarine calm sea. No wind. Perfect temperature.

As we had our first break of the morning a young woman came by. She was jogging the trail. She stopped to say hello then carried on. She sprang up a steep slope with apparent ease and was soon far ahead of us three plodders. A while later she came up to us a second time and we stated chatting as she walked along with us. She is an medical logistics army captain, currently posted to an instructors position. Instantly so much to talk about. Pat’s experiences with MSF being of particular interest. My days as a logistics army captain seemed very long ago! Her name is Emily and we walked together for the rest of the morning. It was an honour to have her vibrant company. We parted ways after cappuccinos at a tiny cafe along the route.

We saw another of the Poldark filming locations today. There was also a display of photos at the nearby Coastal Watch building. Very interesting to see the “real” alongside the period “dressing.”

We arrived in the tiny village of Treen in the early afternoon and settled in at the local pub. Our B&B did not want to see us until 4:30. These late check ins are a bit of an inconvenience as it means we don’t have much time to get socks and smells washed and dried during sunny day light hours. We eventually left the pub at four and walked the one hundred metres to the B&B. Rang the bell. No reply. Peered in the window and there’s a woman sitting there. Rang the bell again. Crunched around on the gravel outside. She finally opened the door mumbling about 4:30.

Anyway we’re now in our very pleasant room sipping tea. Life is good. Soon we’ll be back out and up to the pub for dinner then back to bed. We really don’t do anything in the evenings except wash clothes, eat, drink and sleep. We don’t do anything in the daytimes except walk eat and drink. Hmmm.

Pictures coming soon from a marvellous day.

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