Pictures from 14 May

Before posting the pictures I’d like to share with you something Philip just told me. (His full comment in the comments) He explained that about 50 years ago much of this coastline was private property and inaccessible to people to come and enjoy. The Coastal Path has been in aid of ensuring accessibility to all. A significant cultural purpose!

3 thoughts on “Pictures from 14 May

  1. Kim, this work – the photos and writing – is deeply impressive. Only a writer would take time each day to create a record like this. Well done!

    I’m very interested in this paragraph:
    I think our quandary is because the path itself has no cultural, historic or spiritual significance. The last section was opened in 1978, the purpose being to create a lovely linked long coastal trail. We aren’t going anywhere for any reason other than to walk along.

    The way you have created significance for the walk is beautiful. How about if you also thought of the place where you find yourself in an ecological manner? How does this space relate to its environment? It’s filled with significance: the microorganisms, tiny creatures, plants, etc. that all have a contribution to our ecosystem. How about the rocks? They speak their stories. Maybe the properly British silence is a reverential way of leading passers-by to listen to the Narnian voices that are only heard by those with ears to hear.

    How about the human history? Britain and coast are inseparable. Invasions, guarding, celebrating, embodying. The current Brexit debate is a debate about coast: where does Britain end and Europe begin?

    How about one of those space shuttle photos? What does this coast represent from that perspective?

    Maybe finding yourself in one of the few places in Britain without a strong human imprint seems strange, but it may be a great privilege.

    Anyway, you’ve made me wonder. That in itself is good.


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