13 May – More sun, more ups and downs

We walked from Perranporth to Portreath today – 19 kms up over several headlands, along cliffs and down into the sandy bays between. We passed many old mine shafts and ruins of tin mines that heavily populated this area in the late 1800s. Now there are notices warning people to stay on the path due to dangerous unmarked holes in the surrounding heath.

The warm sun encouraged us to have an afternoon snooze with the second half of our picnic lunch. We sometimes split our lunches between two or three stops. We lay on the grass beside the path, the surf crashed down below, birds and a small plane flew above with two tiny white fluffy clouds. We had our boots off so the breeze dried our slightly sweaty socks. This is always delightful! No one passed by that we noticed!

There are more people on the trail now then when we started, but it is far from crowded. Most are day walkers. Many have their dogs with them. Like at home, there are some who bag their dog’s poo and leave the bags in odd places. There’s many dog poo collection bins along the trails and near car parks so there’s no excuse. We’ve seen dog poo bags sitting by the trail, or hanging on fences and in trees. Today we saw one placed in the centre of a picnic table. Totally gross.

Despite poo bags, it has been enjoyable walking through such glorious countryside in good weather with the time to stop and absorb the moment. No rain showers or tides chasing us along today!

2 thoughts on “13 May – More sun, more ups and downs

  1. Hi Sandy, nice thought, but when the bags are as old and weather worn as some of these are, it is pretty obvious no one is coming back to get them. Sad to say I don’t think many people at home go back to pick up the bags either. I walk in Seal Bay Park nearly every day and have seen the same bags in the same places for weeks on end. No, I don’t pick up after other people’s dogs.

  2. Kim, I wonder if it’s like here in that if someone has taken the time to bag up their dog poo, then left it, it means they’re doing a loop and will pick it up and dispose of it on the way back…just a thought, Sandra

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