Thoughts on a Cornish Cream Tea

The afternoon we walked in to Tintagel was bright and sunny. We were in the mood to celebrate a successful day of good hard walking. We were buying dinner supplies and wine to take to our self catering hostel a bit further down the trail and out of town. The hostel didn’t open until 5pm. It was shy of four. What to do?

Tintagel is a tourist Mecca and teams with cream tea places.

Why not try one of these world famous culinary delights?

We set our packs and poles around a small table in a crowded outdoor cream tea cafe. I supervised the stuff. Pat and Marianne went in. They were soon back. Three cream teas had been ordered. We waited in hungry anticipation.

The waitress soon arrived with pots of tea. She returned a minute later with three dinner plates heaped with two enormous sugared scones, a large dish of think yellow cream which looked like creamed butter and a small pot of jam on each plate. Yummy.

We set about devouring the rich sweetness. Marianne quit first, half way through. Then I through in the towel with half a scone remaining. Pat did us proud.

I have to say I felt nauseous for about 24 hours! I did not eat any dinner that night! None of us are sure we want to have another cream tea. Good as they were at the time, the food was too rich to eat that much of so quickly! Silly us!

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