9 May – A Podium Performance


On Sunday we walked from Bude to Crackington Haven. This was not an easy 16 km walk. Description in my guide book includes phrases such as “punishing ascent” and “testing beginnings.”

On Monday we walked from Crackington Haven to Tintagel. This was an arduous 19 km walk.

Description in my guide book includes phrases such as “the highest point on the coast path in Cornwall” and “the highest sea cliff in the country.” We walked up and down and over them.

On Tuesday we walked from Tintagel to Port Isaac. This was a tough 15 km walk but it felt easier than the past two days. The guide book using words such as “rugged and “one of the most challenging legs of the whole walk.”

Today we walked from Port Isaac to Padstow. This was a difficult 19 km walk. My guide book states, “If medals were … given out for the toughest section … the initial three miles … would stand … on the podium.”

Are we tired? Yes! Are we happy we didn’t get rained on today? Oh yes indeed! Are we looking forward to a less difficult walk tomorrow? For sure.

Pat is currently looking up bus schedules just in case the weather turns wet or we feel as tired in the morning as we feel at the moment. My guide book says, “easy and enjoyable.” Looking forward to that.

As for today’s walk, it was stunning! The first bit was gruelling with some steep stairs to climb up and precipitous paths to come down. In a couple of places there were ropes and railings. The sea was lumpy today. Swells rushed ashore with crashing force that reverberated through the rock of the cliffs to vibrate under our feet. We ate lunch – Cornish Pasties – while watching some terrific waves dash themselves against the exposed rocky shore. Pictures coming – I’m feeling a bit too lazy and tired to write good descriptions!

Padstow is on a deep river inlet. We took a little ferry across. A great little passenger service that drops a little ramp for people and dogs to walk on and off. This is quite a big centre and we enjoyed a non pub meal for,the first time in a while. It was a nice change. We have a bottle of wine here in our room and are watching a downpour outside the window!

The small villages we’ve passed through are few and tend to be at the heads of long narrow bays where breakwaters have been built to protect the fishing fleets. It’s scenic country and the contrast between the pastures of cows and sheep and the steep cliffs plunging into the wild ocean is striking. It is also a bit odd to come off the relatively lonely path into bustling towns filled with car driving tourists. Today we met a few other walkers but only a couple are through walking. The others are all day tripping.

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