7 May – Fogginess and High Cliffs

The peacocks slept peacefully all night and just began their infernal racket about the same time we needed to wake up. We packed up and we’re up at the main house for breakfast by 7:30.

The dining room was something out of an Alfred Hitchcock thriller. There was a brass peacock sitting on a large porcelain egg from which sprouted a scrawny cactus. There was a freakish doll sitting on a chair and a china spotted leopard glowering in a corner. There was a hideous stuffed monkey reclining on an other chair. Every flat surface was covered with antique curiosities, most of which were of dubious purpose. The cutlery was real silver and the plates, fine china made in Bavaria.

We ate, paid and left for what was to be a long challenging walk.

We climbed up and around and down several high Cornish cliffs, the highest and steepest on this coast. A couple of times the fog lifted just enough for us to get glimpses of the ocean churning away at the feet of rugged bays and headlands. We ate lunch in a sunny out door pub patio. And washed it down with a beer. We were all pretty tired of the very steep climbs by lunch time but the afternoon didn’t give us an easy time! The cliffs weren’t as high but there were still a great number of steep ascents and descents.

Despite the fog, the scenery is ruggedly beautiful! Pictures coming…

We are now at a hostel just outside of Tintagel. Due to the fog we have not seen the castle ruins up on it’s perch above the sea. Maybe tomorrow morning we’ll have an opportunity.

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