6 May – Upping and Downing along the Coastal Path

A perfect day today. Last night we were kept awake until this morning’s wee hours by a raucous party in the pub below our rooms. Somewhat wearily we climbed out of beds for an “early” breakfast – 7:30.

Despite a massive fog bank off the coast, we were able to walk almost all day in the sun. This made for numerous stunning scenic photo ops! We walked along high cliff edges and climbed down into deep gulches. Across open scrub land and through wind twisted stunted woodlands. We saw sheep, one very large brown one was on the path. We walked through a couple of fields of cows. We saw horses cavorting about.

In two places near the start of the walk, new development was doing a good job of hiding the path. In both places we had to make small road detours. For the rest of the time – which was 16 kms – we followed grassy or clay pathways or clambered up and down very steep stairways.

We are staying in St Genny’s, in a rather musty little chalet, at the bottom of an overgrown garden of a ramble-sham B&B. Many screaming peacocks are wandering all over the place. There is also a rabbit hopping about. Internet is only available under a particular holy tree. All a bit odd.

We have now walked the kilometre into town for beer, dinner and tomorrow’s lunch supplies. Sitting in a sunny window by the beach at a pleasant pub (with internet), sipping beer and watching the sea fog roll around.

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