2 May – drenched pilgrims drip into Canterbury

Today the forecasts called for high winds and lots more rain starting around noon.

We took a train for the first half of our walk then set out from the pretty village of Chilham on the last 12 kms of our pilgrimage. The weather was cool and dry. Then it became cool windy and drizzling.

We ate a hasty lunch in a sheltered bus stop in one of those sad little villages with a closed pub and church.

Drizzle became rain. The wind roared.

We walked through massive apple orchards, down lanes, across muddy fields, past more bluebells, within forests up hills and then into the city.

The rain had become a deluge and the wind drove it sideways. Horrible.

Pocket Earth guided us without error through the ancient city gates to the cathedral. Here tourist get to pay admission but us four wet pilgrims were escorted to where we received our final stamp. We stood outside in the deluge at a kiosk window while the enthusiastic dry people within asked us if we’d like to hang around for a while until the bishop came along to bless us….

Or some such….blessings were involved. I’m not sure if an actual bishop came with the deal.

No thank you. Not today. We’d come back tomorrow for an abridged blessing when we were dry.

We dripped along the last kilometre to our hostel. A kind reception. We were invited to leave all our incredibly wet outerwear in the lounge. Thank goodness. Our room has no hooks – nowhere to even hang a towel.

However there is beer to be had and it is cold…..so here we sit, on our beds….well Sally is on mine because she has a top bunk… and we tap away at our IPads while Sally reads Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales.” She’s at a particularly raunchy bit….

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