1 May – A beautiful May Day

After the hideous storm of yesterday, today has dawned clear and sparkling clean.

We had a hot, passable, breakfast at at our pub (The Roebuck) before heading off. The walk took us through more of the pastoral undulating hills of Kent. Small forested areas surrounded by vast fields. We walked through and around and up and down field and forest and wind swept grasslands. The breeze kept the day perfect for waking. We enjoyed a picnic on a patch of grass by a farm gate. We saw several large apple orchards and a few fancy estates.

Most farmers here respect the right of common way. There was just one estate where we had to walk a long circuit around due to lethal looking electric fencing blocking the path. The rural landscape here is so domestic compared to our Wild West coast. We never walked far without seeing a farm house or tiny village. We walked beside and across numerous fields. Some of these were quagmires of slimy mud and in some places we sloshed through impressive puddles!

The villages in England (this part any way) usually have an open pub which is generally across the street from a closed church. Many small villages have had to close their pubs as they can’t make ends meet. Sad times. Pubs and churches were once the heart and soul of village life. Our interest in open pubs is probably obvious to anyone reading this. The churches are of interest to us as we have been collecting our stamps in our pilgrims passports. Once we get to Canterbury, we won’t get our credentials as pilgrims without the required stamps. Oh dear me!

Our pub here in Wye has very nice rooms. The nicest in a while. The internet is a bit tricky…. “the cloud.” It works well once accessed, accessing not easy.

Good night from the New Flying Horse Inn in Wye, Kent.

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