29 April – A chilly day, demanding a hot dinner

We had a relaxed morning enjoying a hot English breakfast in the pub. There was a homeless man there who we spoke to. He was a pleasant fellow so we bought him a bit of lunch for later.

Sufficiently fortified, we walked over the cathedral. The bells were pealing their invitation to all. A glorious sound. Rochester cathedral was an important stop on the pilgrimage between Winchester and Canterbury so we were pleased to have arrived on a Sunday. The deacon himself stamped our pilgrim credentials and we stayed for part of matins. The choir was very good, and the organ music terrific! Cathedrals have marvellous acoustics. The personages of the cathedral were interested in our walk and didn’t seem to mind that we only stopped in for a short visit.

Soon we were loaded up and on our way south. A short eleven kilometre walk today along the bank of the Medway River. Quite different scenery. Very easy walking with no upping and downing. Marianne joined us, having sent her pack on in a taxi to our evening’s destination.

We arrived at a priory in Alesford and were shown to our little attic rooms. As pilgrims we get a discount. Toilets and showers are down the hall. Tea cakes for a yoga group are on a table in a lounge. We braved the very chilly temperatures to tour around the beautiful grounds. This is a lovely spot. No evening meal to be had. We were told the pub in the nearby town was the place to go.

We walked to the town and entered an ancient pub. It’s been in operation one way or an other since the 1500s. However on Sunday’s – today is Sunday – dinner is not served. So there we were with no place to find food. The pub had a dish of left-over potatoes from lunch. We were given these and four forks. We ordered wine and beer and four bags of crisps and that has been our dinner.

We are now back in our attic cells in the priory. Upon our return, we discovered the afternoon tea cakes had not been touched. There are now eight less tea cakes. Pat has carefully rearranged the plate to disguise the reduction in their number. I expect that if we pop into one of the numerous confessionals in the church beside which we sleep, all will be well. We have a bible in our room….

“Hey Pat do you think we should read the bit about eating other people’s tea cakes?” I wonder if this sort of situation is covered…..?

“Kim, put a blanket over that bible.”

“No way, I need it to keep warm.” It’s not too warm in here. We are debating wearing our fleeces to bed.

On that note. Good night from Alesford Priory along the Medway.

2 thoughts on “29 April – A chilly day, demanding a hot dinner

  1. Glad the touristing day with your school friends worked out. And nice that Marianne has figured out a way to enjoy some of the walking by sending her pack on ahead. Hope her knee improves for the rest of your trip.

  2. Beautiful trip….eased with beer😋. Spent an hour today reading all your adventures..love the pics too! Great to live vicariously hope Marianne’s knee heals quickly.great ideato send l’opacité ahead in taxi. ENJOY, with love, Joyce

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