28 April – Castles and Trains

A chilly – eight degree – grey but dry day today. Also a break from the walking routine.

Mary and Kate came in two cars to pick us up from our B&B. Mel walked over to us from here’s. We all climbed into the cars and went over to pick up Liz.

We then drove over to Combe Bank school where I went to school with Liz, Kate, Mary and Mel back in the late ‘60s. We wandered around the grounds reminiscing and taking a few pictures.

We the. Drove over to Hever Castle. This was Anne Boleyn’s home before she married Henry VIII. Despite the cold weather, the grounds were lovely to wander through and the castle is a wonderful tribute to Tudor history.

While we toured around the castle, Kate stayed in the parking lot dealing with a car engine problem. Thankfully AA came and sorted that out!

Our visit complete, we crossed the road for a leisurely late lunch at the Henry VIII pub before being driven back to Sevenoaks where Pat, Sally, Marianne and I caught a train onward to Rochester.

Our hotel rooms here are above a vibrant pub, but up on the third floor, we can’t hear the din coming from downstairs at the bar. Soon we’ll go down into the fray to get dinner.

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