27 April – More Distance. More Showers

Today was decidedly damper with some more serious rain.

We stopped for coffee at a golf course during a men’s only meeting of some kind. We were give a little table off to the side. Pat bought a packet of biscuits and when she opened it, one flew out and landed about ten feet away under one of the men’s shoes. Good-bye biscuit. This caused considerable hilarity from us three women.

Although there were a couple of drenching downpours, it wasn’t wet all day, we ate our picnic lunch in semi sunshine under an ancient and huge spreading oak tree.

We passed by more bluebell woods. Every day more are in fuller bloom so the wood’s floors are becoming ever-more blue! I expect there are ferries prowling around in the undergrowth.

On the first couple of days Sally learned how to navigate by reading the directions in the guide book. She then mastered reading the paper maps. Today she started navigating with Pocket Earth on the IPhone! Seriously impressive! Sally – you are the best!

Because of the showers – and rain – sections of the trail are incredibly muddy quagmires and other sections are akin to sloped skating rinks. Our boots become encased in slimy heavy clay mud. We had to stop and use sticks to clear the treads so we can continue walking.

After about 20 kms we came to a nice warm pub. We sat in deep comfortable chairs and had beers. Pat wisely decided to end her day at this point and grabbed a taxi for the last little bit. Sally and I walked on for an other hour and a half and got quite drenched in the hardest down pour of the day. Our total distance was around 23 kms. With all the muddling and upping and downing it seemed quite far. We were glad to drip into our lovely B&B.

We went out to dinner this evening with my friends from school here. Liz, Mary, Mel and Kate – a very enjoyable evening. Lots of laughs. Our pick up time was delayed by nearly an hour so we drank one of the bottles of wine we bought for the occasion before we even left the B&B. Kate and Mel were also delayed for various reasons so by the time we ate we were foolishly tired! Mel is staying close to us so the five of us took a taxi home and the driver over charged us by about double the appropriate rate. We were soooo unimpressed. We had hired him to take us back to Liz’s in the morning but fired him on the spot.

Back at our B&B while falling into bed, I made a comment to Pat about taking a sleep aid as I was so far past tired. She said she had sleeping pills but hadn’t been able to use any yet on this trip as they need to be taken without alcohol consumption being part of the equation. As we both found this hilarious and promptly fell asleep.

One thought on “27 April – More Distance. More Showers

  1. Oh dear… Not one of your most pleasant days! There was no mention of Marianne, did she take the bus right from the start? I hope the weather improves for you! By the way, my house feels kind of empty without Natasha here …..

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