25 April Up and Down on the North Downs

We set off from cozy Tanners Hatch under blue skies on a crisp morning. The views from the ridge we were walking along were outstanding. Marianne was able to walk with us today, her knee not giving her too much trouble until the last descent off the Downs into town. We used trusty Pocket Earth to guide us the last couple of kms to our hotel because it is some distance off our route. It is a travelodge beside railway tracks. Thankfully, Our rooms are on the quiet side of the building. There is a pub attached where we had a good dinner and we’re now back in our rooms almost ready to fall asleep even though it’s not yet 8:30. Sally keeps us walking at a blistering pace so we’re exhausted.

We had a bit of rain today and some periods of fierce wind. We stopped for lunch at a beautiful spot, got ourselves settled in the warm sun, started eating and along came huge black clouds with rain. We packed up, put on rain ponchos and carried on. A while later the sun came out so we stopped at another scenic lookout. Settled, got out our lunch and along came black clouds, chilling wind and rain. Needless to say none of us ever finished our lunches. Earlier in the day we had stopped for cappuccinos and teas biscuits – in the sun – our main sustenance for the day.

Trying to send pictures for yesterday and today without success.

Good night from the wrong site of the tracks in Red Hill.

One thought on “25 April Up and Down on the North Downs

  1. Enjoying your blog, Kim. Sounds like you’re all well prepared gear wise for whatever weather befalls you. You never know in dear ol’ England! Finally spring seems to have arrived in the Comox Valley.

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