23 April – An Emergency Water Drop and Tea Buns

A cooler day today but dry and very pleasant for walking. We walked from Gayle and Tim’s in Farnham to Guildford along the North Downs Way. The Pligrims Way has been largely over-paved by noisy busy roads. The North Downs Way runs in an almost parallel route. Sometimes they intersect and blend into one. While the Pilgrims Way has not been very well way marked, the North Downs Way is well signed posted and thus navigation today was easy.

We hadn’t gone very far this morning when we had to cross an incredibly busy road. Narrow and windy with no verge, it was daunting to cross as the vehicles came round the corners at tremendous speeds while hugging the hedges on either side. No room for stray walkers! We dashed safely across and as we were ducking into a wooded trail on the other side, a grey car came hoking and speeding towards us! Suddenly the driver started yelling at us,”water, water.”

Pat and I had no idea what was going on, but Sally turned, stuck out her arm and snatched her water bottle from none-other than Tim, the driver of the vehicle.

Marianne took the day off again to give her knee a bit more rest.

Again today our walk took us through a few wooded areas, through farm land and a couple of tiny villages. At one there was a golf course. As it was about 10 am and we’d been walking since 7:30 we felt we should stop in for refreshment. An hour later we departed having consumed toasted tea cakes with marmalade and cappuccinos! Later we stopped at a fine arts and crafts store – a place of extreme temptation. Pat bought a fine hat complete with pheasant feather adornment! The shop woman told us about a unique chapel so we detoured off to check it out. It’s interior is decorated in painted terracotta flowers and figures, some of which was created by the village children.

Upon our return to Tim and Gayle’s – once again via Tim’s pickup service – we sorted out food requirements for the next two days. Where we stay tomorrow it is self catering only. This done, Marianne, Pat, Tim and I are craft beer sampling. Sally and Gayle are at yoga. Who’s having more fun!

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