21 April – Frolicking Lambs and a Bluebell Wood

To me nothing epitomizes England in the spring better than lambs and bluebell woods.

Today we saw both!

We enjoyed sunny weather again until after our picnic lunch. Clouds gathered and as we made our last steps, a bit of rain fell. Perfectly timed. We ended our walk today just south of Alton at Jane Austin’s house. She lived in other places as well, but this is where she lived until she went to Winchester just before her death at age 41.

Across the road is a great pub – The Greyfriar. After touring around the house and gardens, we went for a cold beer. This is where Tim found us when he came to collect us and bring us “home.”

Back to the lambs. Such cute silly little creatures, bleating for their mums and leaping about in emerald green meadows. We also saw a new colt, long legged and frisky, romping in a pasture outside a posh looking estate.

Most of our walk today was through pastoral landscape. Up and down gently rolling hills. Along a few narrow lanes with hedge rows on either side. Through some treed areas. In one wood, we walked for about an hour along a sun dappled path between carpets of bluebells. Idilic.

We have been taking turns with navigation and today was Sally’s turn to shine as our guiding light! It is really nice to share the responsibility of choosing our route. Between the guide book, which is excellent, and our electronic maps, we have the route well covered. There are sign posts but the Pilgrims Way has only shown up a couple of times. At the moment we seem to be mostly following St Swithens Way. Good to know! Regardless, the English have an incredible network of beautiful pathways.

2 thoughts on “21 April – Frolicking Lambs and a Bluebell Wood

  1. Idilic is the right word Kim. Takes me back to the canal boat trip we did with Glenn 2 yrs ago. Days floating through the beautiful Spring blooming English countryside…lambs, calves, ducklings, young swans, wisteria, bluebells etc….and of course pubs for a cold beer. Hoist one for me while you are there!

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