20 April – Our Pilgrimage Begins

I had a crises yesterday evening when my camera refused to accept a charge to its suddenly exhausted battery. Great construction as I dashed around and finally found a camera store that would open at 9am. We had planned to be walking out of town by 8:30 but the others were amenable to a late start.

After breakfast Pat and I went to the camera store and the very helpful fellow there sold me a horrendously expensive new battery. A spider sense told me that the battery was not the real problem, and the charging cable was the issue. Nothing he could do about that. So I bought a new camera as well! Good grief. Pat bought one too as she’s had more than enough of the painfully slow ponderous process of taking pictures with her iPad.

Now equipped with two new cameras and all the heavy accoutrements that enable charging, we returned to our pub, and the four of us headed out to buy lunch supplies. This took much longer than expected, but finally we got underway just before 10! The day was already warm. The sun shone brilliantly and we enjoyed a lovely five hour walk through the gentle English countryside. Almost every step was on quiet pathways with only a few stretches along quiet roads. We crossed a couple of mother ways through pedestrian tunnels. We stopped at a few quaint village churches and got pilgrims stamps at a couple. We ate a picnic lunch amongst the grave stones and English daisies. Delightful.

We saw our first frolicking lambs and even a few nodding bluebells.

Past fancy estates we tramped. At a fine place with massive iron gates and a long avenue to a fancy manor house in the distance, I paused to take a picture. My new camera has a great zoom. As the house came into sharp view I noticed two massive piles of horse manure in the foreground of my picture! There were some fine sleek horses in the field. No doubt this was their product!

We arrived at the Cricketers Pub in New Alresford just as thirst began to demand a bit more than water!

Beers ordered, Sally called her brother-in-law, Tim. He duly arrived and we piled into his car for the drive to Farnham. We are staying with Sally’s sister, Gayle, and Tim for the next four nights!

We’ve been warmly welcomed to their beautiful home. We’ve had a delicious dinner, drank a fair bit of fine wine and are now off to bed. Marianne and Pat have already drifted off to slumber land. I’m about to follow!

We’ve been using a Cicerone guide book and it has been an excellent resource! We had also planned to have Pocket Earth as an electronic backup but the route shown on Pocket Earth is using more roads than the book, so we’re relying on the printed word and paper maps for now. A bit archaic but working very well! Especially so with Sally being a sage second set of eyes. Thank you Sally!

Good night from four tired, slightly sun burned, pilgrims.

One thought on “20 April – Our Pilgrimage Begins

  1. So wonderful getting your Blog Kim, so well written. I’ll be following you along your trip.
    Have a wonderful journey. hope the weather stays great for you. Hello to Marianne, Sally and Pat !!!

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