3 thoughts on “Samples from the menu at Qi Wang Lou Hotel – Chengde

    • No – we didn’t try those dishes. They did not appeal in any way. I know culinary delights vary from place to place and am generally quite happy to explore different items when I travel but I really feel quite strongly against the harvesting of and serving of shark fin dishes. This is reported to be illegal. I didn’t like supporting and establishment engaged in such activity but we were a captive audience so to speak. The idea of eating sea cucumber simply turned my appetite off, and the fish heads? Gee – the fish bodies bodies might have been nice but they didn’t appear to be on the menu! While not a vegetarian, I like to have knowledge of how my meat was treated during it’s life as an animal and the manner of its killing. I’m also not willing to eat dog, donkey or horse. I’m sure there are many people who would say there’s no difference in eating those meats than eating cow or pig or chicken. So I guess we all draw our own line in the sand and proceed from there. Crickets now – especially fried – I find quite tasty.

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