29 October – A Tang Dynasty Extravaganza 

We top off our day of seeing the Terracotta Warriors With a fabulous evening at a “Tang Dynasty” dinner and show. Kobe pulled strings and got our group a table right beside the stage. The production was brilliant in terms of colour, with an incredible orchestra flanking both sides of an enormous stage with nearly magical lighting and set design. The acting and singing was superb. In grand operatic style the story is told of how a young poor girl becomes the emperor’s concubine and eventually empress of China. True story. Dinner was also very enjoyable because we didn’t have the now rather tedious Lazy-Susan to deal with. 

A quick aside about the Lazy-Susan dinner. Picture ten hungry people around a table with a large spinning Lazy-Susan in the centre. Dishes around the outside are accessible, dishes towards the centre are less easy to scoop food from. There never seems to be adequate serving spoons or forks or chop sticks. If a lip of a dish or handle of a serving utensil is left sticking out beyond the perimeter of the Lazy-Susan a person’s beer or wine is in danger of being knocked over. Invariably someone wanting a dish on the other side will not notice another person in the process of acquiring food so the thing is spun away mid scoop. None of us found the process of this eating style particularly gratifying.

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